Recycled Vintage

Re-create dated or damaged furs


Get your fur coats repaired or re-styled with us.


We offer a full furrier services, repairing and remodelling vintage furs and accessories.  Whether you need an inherited coat fitted to your body shape, re-imagined into a different style or completely changed into homeware or accessories, we can help.  From scarves into cushions, jackets into blankets, hats into trim on a vintage silk scarf…

Recycling vintage fur is a cost effective way to re-create dated or damaged furs.


Ffwr regularly work in this way to reinvent old garments into completely new styles or by taking them apart to make a variety of accessories.  You may not want to wear your grandmother’s old rabbit coat, so why not get it made into something cosy like a matching trapper hat and mittens!  Even the old, dry furs can be made into beautiful soft furnishings, so get in touch to see if we can help.

When it comes to remodelling coats, we don’t like to feature ‘before and after’ photos… we like to show what your coat could look like!

Musquash Remodel

This very old musquash that was damaged, dry and very dated. A large part of the coat couldn’t be used, so we made it smaller and added a huge fur lined hood with a caramel dyed fox trim.

Mole Remodel

This mole coat that has been transformed into an aviator style jacket, with signature metal zips, black dyed fox collar and matching cuffs. This coat was transformed from a dated knee length coat to a trend favourite, “this old mole now has a new lease of life!”