About Us

Meet the face behind the fur

‘Ffwr’ simply translated, is ‘fur’ in Welsh.

Founded in 2013 Ffwr is based in West Wales, our chief designer is a bespoke dressmaker and furrier- the only one based in Wales.  Ffwr is now her chance to show off the skills passed on to her by these people and is proud to say everything Ffwr produces is handmade in West Wales to the highest standard!


Ellie has worked and trained with the following people and establishments;

Experienced furrier Chris Courtenay Williams in Chester, England

The FutureFurStudio in Pietarsaari, Finland

Saga Design Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hockley London brand in London, England

MPV Dyers and Dressers in Murrhardt, Germany


As well as attending workshops and visits from Kopenhagen Fur, MiFur trade fair in Milan, the “Fur Summer School” in Kastoria, Greece.

Each aspect of the trade has been investigated from farm, dressers, auction houses and manufacturers.

Mink and fox farm visits in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Greece.


Fur Design by Ffwr

We aim to introduce and re-introduce young and older people to the warm, beautiful, sustainable material that is “fur”. Working with both old and new methods and techniques we provide a reliable service that focuses on the client, their needs and works with them to produce stunning and unique pieces.


As a brand Ffwr only sources the finest quality fur and strives to only buy British- Welsh when possible. Ffwr is a member of the British Fur Trade Association and uses fur as part of the Origin Assured scheme.