Blue Multicoloured Sea Urchin Scarf Set

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This spectacular “Sea Urchin” set is a mash up of different kinds of all natural material! To begin the wool is hand dyed in Wales by fellow Etsy shop ‘Woolgasm’; 100% merino wool in a random blue and purple colourway. Next you have 9 different colours of dyed fox fur, including silver fox, blue fox and shadow fox. Then you have 8 different colours of leather, including reindeer, lamb and pig suede. Finished off as a long scarf and a snug fit beanie hat, this set is not for the faint hearted!


♥ Hat size medium
♥ Measurements approx. 145cm long knit, 48cm Leather pieces, 200cm overall
♥ Materials – various new and vintage fur, various leathers, wool, cotton
♥ Super soft 100% Merino wool; Dyed in Wales!
♥ All natural materials
♥ Long wrap around scarf
♥ Made already- please allow up to 4 weeks for postage

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