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Sustainable Fur


We believe that you cannot make a case for or against something unless you have knowledge of the subject.

As a company we have visited various fur farms, auction houses, dressing companies, manufacturers and creative studios to see all aspects of the fur industry chain.  Even though we only buy from British suppliers, Ffwr has visited Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and Greece as part of fur investigating.  Seeing first hand and talking to the sector professionals is the only way of learning more about the fur trade as a whole.

As farmers at heart, we care more about animal welfare and the sustainability of the trade than any other aspect.  If you would like to know more about this aspect, here are some useful links:




Products Suppliers

All new fur products are supplied by Polar Furs, London.

Vintage furs found in local vintage or charity shops

All leather products are supplied by GH Leathers, Northants.  www.leathermerchants.com

Service providers

Web design by Percolated Design

Machinery and machine equipment supplied by Alan Sew,  Ceredigion.  www.alansalerations.com

Fabric labels are supplied by the National Weaving Company, Pembrokeshire.  www.nationalweaving.co.uk

All cushions are supplied from the The Feather Company, Edinburgh.  www.thefeathercompany.com

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